Chad Griffin

The LGBTQ rights activist will stay with HRC until a new president is named.
"Your happiness and safety are paramount," Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote.
Mike Pompeo has long opposed same-sex marriage and other queer rights issues.
"Thanks, mom," Sam Greisman captioned the photo of them attending a gala.
The "impact will be devastating," one queer rights advocate wrote.
Today, after much work on the ground and through the state legislature, California stands as a shining beacon for LGBT equality -- but the religious right has not given up its crusade.
The Human Rights Campaign doesn't speak for the LGBT community, and the sooner that politicians and those in the media grasp that, the smarter they will be.
As we in our own community strive to be more inclusive, it was encouraging to hear Clinton speak of the need for inclusiveness in government, the military and society as a whole.
f you're a public person, take some of those aha insights, well, public. Pitch them to media friends. You might just be quoted next to the Pope. Wait, did I talk about this yesterday? Hmmm. Deja vu all over again.
Back in March, when Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and the state's Republican-controlled legislature retreated under pressure on a Religious Restoration Freedom Act, many heralded the "moment" as a "turning point" in the battle for full LGBT rights. But last week both North Carolina and Michigan passed discriminatory laws far worse than Indiana's ever was.