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“Crazy start to my Friday,” tweeted the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver after FBI agents grabbed his Fort Lauderdale neighbor.
Are reality show casts being put at risk in the pursuit of the on-screen drama viewers crave?
One Chad leaves, another Chad arrives -- in the form of a well-placed tabloid article.
You don't know how much you miss something until it's gone. Such is the case with Chad Johnson touchdown celebrations. Luckily
“Money was not an issue,” Popp said. “He just wanted to be part of a team.” “Chad Johnson’s crafty,” Popp told NFP. “He’s
Chad Johnson felt like telling some stories on Thursday night, recalling on Twitter how he almost fought Ray Lewis... twice
Despite the former couple’s public divorce in 2012, Johnson is planning to celebrate the birth of the reality star’s second
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For those in search of fresh fantasy football advice, there's a new analyst on the beat: Chad Johnson. The former NFL star
A few YouTube commenters took issue with a spotter supporting Johnson as he ran, and some dismissed the stunt as an attempt
From the NBA Finals and the French Open final to the season finale of Game Of Thrones, there was plenty of quality programming
Chad Johnson will serve a 30-day jail sentence after his probation hearing went awry Monday. The former NFL star reportedly annoyed the presiding judge by slapping his lawyer's rear end while a plea deal was being negotiated.