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The City Council's decision comes two years after it voted against creating a domestic partnership registry. The Topeka City
In Kansas, the policy change is being greeted warmly by conservative Republicans, who dominate state politics. State Rep
Manspeaker said his overall goal is to enact broader rights for residents of his city and to help lead a fight for LGBT equality
A Kansas Republican congressman's proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage has home state Democrats eager to attack, while state Republicans are keeping their distance.
"I make no assumptions about how Kansans feel about LGBT rights," Topeka Councilman Chad Manspeaker (D) said. "In 2005, a
Whipple is pushing for lawmakers to change their agenda. Second votes in the Kansas House typically mirror the preliminary
Legislation that the chief lobbyist for the Kansas Chamber of Commerce said would help abolish public employee unions easily
Manspeaker told HuffPost that the hearing "was getting pretty contentious" in exchanges between Stafford and Democrats, and
"This isn't a counter-protest, it isn't a fight against Westboro," Jude Quinn, the organizer of one of the events, told The
Manspeaker, who heard the gunfire from his house Sunday night, said his main focus now is on the families of the victims