Butterbeer lattes, maple blondies and honey coffee are here, and they're ready to bust your PSL habit.
But it is difficult to question the merit and success of the Fairtrade and certified coffee, chai and cacao marketing campaigns
When I first met my wife, Khalida Brohi, everything felt foreign. She will tell you the same. I grew up in a middle class Italian-American household. Khalida, however, is from an ancient and indigenous tribe, the Brahui of southern Pakistan, who speak an endangered Dravidian language of the same name that dates back 3,000 to 5,000 years (depending on your sources).
Berhane Gebru, Director of Programs, TechLab, FHI 360, is an accomplished leader of ICT projects which support health and
Scones: According to our British friends, scones are the perfect pastry to eat with chai. Typically less sugary than a muffin
Cookies, cupcakes and so much more.
This is a real wake-up muesli, hearty but not heavy, rich in flavor and with the freshness of apple.
Photo credit: Getty Images Photo credit: Daniel Berehulak via Getty Images There is no one recipe for masala chai. For as