4.8 stars, 659 reviews “We bought two of these about ten years ago for several reasons, and the chairs have proven true to
Standing, sitting and sleeping are daily things we take for granted! What we do not always think about is how uncomfortable we are doing them. Support your three S's and you will live happily ever after in less pain!
If only everything could be this easy.
I think we can all agree: Standing up for long periods of time is just ... it's really hard.
Not that long ago, work was a place. Now, it's a state of mind.
No, this is not a Dalian nightmare. Your very fictional, intellectual host has adorned her home with the work of Margarita
Halloween is one of the cheesiest traditions. That's right, cheesy. It is supposed to be scary, yet somehow it turns into a cheesefest, stinky enough to make Switzerland proud.
Move away from your La-Z-Boy. Don't trust that bar stool. Get a restraining order against your wingback. The geniuses at Coca-Cola have figured out why we're so overweight and -- drum roll, please -- it's the chairs that are the culprit.
Daniel Moyer is a great example of a contemporary, high caliber design creative who employs wood furniture craftsmanship techniques of the highest order.