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She's got a new line of wigs and lots of advice about changing up your look and standing in your power.
The pop star joins already announced performers like Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan.
On the 20th anniversary, here's how all-star women came together for a concert extravaganza filled with as much drama as there was glory.
Pharrell, Janelle Monae, Chaka Khan and others just aren't having any of it.
The crowd endured, there was no way they were going to give this woman anything but love. This was as much about redemption
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Khan and her sister are both entering rehab, spurred largely by the death of Prince from an opioid overdose.
We can all remember that moment when Prince burst into our lives. It was the moment everything we thought we knew about music, musicianship, and who and what we could love changed.
“It was my greatest pleasure to record with the inimitable Chaka Khan on The Mosaic Project: LOVE and SOUL,” says Terri Lyne
These divas have no problem throwing a little shade when necessary.
Celebrating the birthdays of these four divas: Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Mariah Carey
And she's giving a fans a chance to be in her next video.
Natalie Cole often told me that she liked to sing "with a smile in my voice." Not long before she died, she mentioned what she wanted her epitaph to be. She captured herself with impressive economy: "Natalie Cole: the daughter of a king, the mother of a prince, a friend to all."
If that sounds like a dream, consider B. Howard's experience as the son of R&B singer Miki Howard who had Joe Jackson for