I never thought I would forget what it means to Be Human. I never imagined craving a warm smile from a stranger, or sharing
Don't get me wrong. I am so grateful for the huge sacrifices my parents made to give me the life and opportunities I have today. Leaving their family, their home, their comfort zone to come here is an incredibly difficult thing. It's a sacrifice that I can't ever fully thank them for.
We all have hills to climb.  Those obstacles we neither asked for, nor desired. But they are present and we must engage them
So embrace the intermission as best you can. Use it. Know that the new act will begin. Get yourself ready.
So in the name of research I challenged myself this week to just spend 5 minutes each day 'just noticing' and this is what I have learnt.
And in those moments... when we let go of our stubborn hold on our plan, the unexpected turn of events became another part
A recent work trip found me networking with two women I hadn't met before. It didn't take long before I noticed a pattern pop up. Let's see if you catch it.
You can cultivate powerful internal resources such as acceptance, curiosity, gratitude, compassion, and courage. We can do this everyday -- in the morning, in the evening, and several times during the day. Over time, living consciously and working effectively with discomfort becomes our new habit.
Remind yourself that life choices are different for different people at different times in their lives. That other people's beliefs might not always apply.
By now you've probably heard of the "100 Layer Challenge". If you haven't, you're probably better off. YouTubers are trying to out-do each other by applying a hundred layers of... something to their faces, hands, hair, and other body parts (no, nobody has done that yet).
Whether you want to stand up to your annoying sister-in-law or just raise your hand more in meetings, here are five strategies to practice to close the confidence gap:
As I sit here staring at my legs, all I see are shades of blue, purple, maroon, brown and even black. I have bruising running
Guess what... you don't always get what you want. I know it seems hard to believe, but life is sometimes unfair.
Leap and the net will appear. Today I write about the fact that, sometimes, it's not always about us leaping off the cliff
For me, Kyokushin is the mindset that reaches outside the dojo and has helped me battle life's challenges for the past 20 years. Sure, I've learned discipline, control and focus. But the biggest lesson Kyokushin taught me was incredibly simple:
47 years ago [20th July 1969] one giant leap for mankind was taken. Was it the direct result of President Kennedy's challenge to put a man on the moon before the decade was out?