challenger explosion

Ebeling, who blamed himself for 30 years, found peace in the last weeks of his life.
Thirty years after the tragedy, images continue to show a nation's grief.
"The Challenger crew was pulling us into the future, and we'll continue to follow them," said President Ronald Reagan at the time.
As we close-to-NASA folk pause to reflect on the Apollo 1 fire (Jan. 27, 1967), the Challenger disaster (Jan. 28, 1986), and the Columbia tragedy (Feb. 1, 2003) -- I took some time to reflect on whether we as a nation learned anything from these tragedies.
(Story continues below) "I was going through boxes of my grandparents' old photographs and found some incredible pictures
Three Mile Island Considered to be the most serious nuclear incident on U.S. soil, the accident at Three Mild Island in Pennsylvania
These media successes are important because the American people need to understand that the flooding of metro New Orleans was overwhelmingly and primarily a federal responsibility.
Today, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the loss of Challenger, it is particularly fitting to pause and remember that the Challenger Seven were more than just names.
In the present uncertainties of the space program, a great transitional opportunity exists. As we reflect back upon the tragic loss of Challenger, we must rise to the challenge in the spirit of those who have so bravely shown the way forward.
In the Spring of '86 I became one of the final 40 contestants in the initiative to send a journalist up in space.
In the world of aviation, if a systemic flaw is found in the design of an aircraft, the entire fleet is grounded. As any responsible leader would, President Obama prudently halted deep water drilling for six months.
Toyoda begged off the original invite, saying US Toyota employees would be better-suited for the job. But the recalls are not just in the US -- they are worldwide. Toyoda has now been requested in writing to appear.
At fifty four seconds into the tape, the vapor stream from the shuttle suddenly splits in two. "It's just a totally different
This Friday, January 29, is a Day of Remembrance for NASA. The day is intended to remember the 17 astronauts who were lost
Mission Control: "Challenger, go with throttle up" Commander Dick Scobee: "Roger go with throttle up" Those were the last