Identify key challenges you've faced in your role - and what approaches worked well to resolve them. What advice and training
As your startup grows, you are constantly faced with growth challenges. These challenges are generally all monumental in
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The gift of challenges and change, even those I didn't choose, is that they continue to give me opportunities to practice being thoughtful in my responses and stay poised for all that is possible.
So, I'm writing this as I am one week away from my official due date. I just left the house to work in a coffee shop so that I could concentrate on the overwhelming list of things that I want to accomplish before baby #2 arrives and my life as we know it, will never be the same.
I know that if am poised for possibilities, I can be the creative individual I was born to be. Now I look for patterns and connections and allow myself to recognize the potential in situations.
We often think that people are resistant to change. The truth is that life is ALWAYS changing, no matter what happens. Just like water flowing through a stream, life needs to flow and expand. What happens to water when it is stuck in a puddle? It becomes stagnant and eventually it stinks! The same is true for our lives. We are meant to grow and expand.
Given the increased awareness of how these traditional industries contribute to climate change, mining and their related
Challenges are present everywhere and businesses --start-ups in particular -- are no exception to these challenges we face today. Starting a business can be consuming yet wildly fulfilling. It can be quite complicated, and may challenge you in ways you had not imagined.