What's better, premier cru or grand cru? And what does "extra brut" mean?
Anthony Ramos breaks down an improvised scene with Lady Gaga.
The Olympic legend Usain Bolt challenged the laws of science with a speedy race in a zero gravity plane.
I arrived prepared to snark, but then the corgis, Champagne, and Meghan and Harry's love story got me.
It’s official—you’ve said yes and your phone is pinging off the hook with Facebook likes. It’s time to pop open some bubbly
Pretty enough to distract your guests from noticing you're on the third glass...
As I wait to start my interview with Devin Thorpe of Forbes, I sit back from the webcam on my desk, close my eyes and become still. Deep breaths in and out. I try to calm my racing mind.
Most people know about Champagne, Cava and Prosecco, but have you ever heard of Franciacorta? Located in the province of Brescia in northern Italy, Franciacorta is to Italy what Champagne is to France.
Champagne. It's the drink of the Gods, the elixir of good times, the gold standard of luxury. No celebration is complete without a toast with the bubbly. But what do you really know about the stuff? Take this test to determine if you really know your bubbly.
Cut your watermelon into cubes. One mini watermelon is enough to make four cocktails. I truly do believe that watermelon
The cancer demanded that I lived in the 'now.' I had always imagined the 'now' as bliss, being content, calm and happy. But my 'now' was centered on resting.
Today I'm at Pebble Beach Food & Wine waiting for a young man who has the distinction of being the only Master Sommelier in Boston, MA out of just 147 other Master Sommeliers in North America.