Chancellor of Germany

“We are ... obliged today to oppose all tendencies that seek to destroy democracy. That includes right-wing extremism,” declared the German chancellor.
"I firmly distance myself from that, " the German chancellor said of the president's racist attacks on four members of Congress who are women of color.
The German chancellor criticized “walls” throughout her Harvard University commencement address, a swipe at the president's anti-immigration rhetoric.
The breakdown of coalition talks has plunged German politics into a deep political crisis.
With the election of President Donald Trump, some political observers anointed German Chancellor Angela Merkel as leader
It's a reflection of long-standing traditions surrounding the role of women in society.
She pledges to stand with anyone who peacefully opposes hateful ideology.
Ulli Köppe's question for Angela Merkel is believed to have had a national impact.
College is an age characterized by impulsive behaviors, rash decision-making, and excess spending above all else. It’s easy
By Johanna Schuster-Craig, Michigan State University What does it take to be elected chancellor of the most populous country
Demonstrators smashed shop windows, torched cars and set fires in the streets.
During a state visit to Berlin this week, Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed a "new beginning" for the two countries.
“Whoever believes the problems of this world can be solved by isolationism and protectionism is making a tremendous error."
French President Macron attends a ceremony marking the 77th anniversary of de Gaulle’s resistance call of June 18, 1940. Bertrand
He was the country's longest-serving post-war chancellor.