The Tea Party is right to push to abolish earmarks from Congress, and the defenders of the status quo are either deceivers, or just plain dumb.
"Millions of Americans are being mobilized this week to push the House for a vote on the Fair Elections Now Act as soon as
In many respects, the Tea Party is no different from many of us on the Left. No doubt, we don't have common ends. But we do have a common enemy. And we need to find a way to push a common movement that defeats it.
It seems that just about every hundred years or so, the body politic we call America swells with fever as it fights off a democracy-destroying disease. That disease is "Special Interest Government".
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has been slapped around silly by commentator after commentator, decrying his anti-Lefty rage. But as I read the battle, it seems to miss a pretty fundamental point.
Pathetic and puny victories are defeats, not victories. And they are certainly not the sort of resolve that will convince anyone that "change" has come to Washington. Not even those who thought they were already convinced.
Yikes, these grandiose predictions are based on a statistical sample was from 1033 people with an error margin of 4 percent
Somehow Obama has been convinced that his promise of bold leadership was a mistake. Yet somehow we have got to get this president to recognize that it was the "realism" of 2009 that was his mistake.
What have the Democrats proposed? A handful of puny measures, none which will come close to addressing this growing corruption of democracy in America.
Frances Moore Lappé is a humorous, energetic dynamo. She's a democracy advocate, as well as a world food and hunger expert. Her Grand Junction speech was titled, "Getting a Grip on Democracy."
It would be great if senators listened to all the polls the left likes to cite when defending the public option. I suppose polls are hard to pay attention to when August is still vivid in your mind.
Richard Burr is one of the senators who voted against the Franken Amendment. He and other members of Congress have got to wake up to the fact that most Americans don't trust them.
President Obama may have issued a private demand that groups allied with the White House stop hammering moderate Democratic
It's that time of the year again. Every quarter, just as the FEC reporting deadlines approach, politicians go on a mad scramble for last-minute donations.
Ben Nelson probably hates us right now -- or at least me. But that's OK, it was worth it. Here's what happened.
A new report that claims Nelson received $2 million from insurance and health care interests leads the public to wonder whether it is the merits or the money that is driving his decisions.
   Oh, the humanity! Freedom dies in America!!   These groups, and others like them (apologies to any I've missed), are out
  So to all four recipients of the Most Impressive Democrat Of The Week award, congratulations, and keep up the good work
"I defy -- absolutely defy -- any Republican member of Congress to voluntarily reject the health insurance which is provided
If you think special-interest influence in Congress perverts our public policy, last week saw an outrage that vindicates that belief entirely.