Change the World

Today is because of what happened yesterday. Tomorrow is up to you, to us. You can sit there and feel bad. Or you can get
The news of that day, back in 1957, was full of accusations, naysaying, paranoia about the Russians who were ahead of the
Not everyone has the time or resources to go out and change the world, but it starts with a small step. Being a decent human cost zero dollars, and takes up zero extra time. It's quite simple: be kind, be educated, and step in when you can. Change what you do not like, and the world will change as well.
They didn't yet know that for the first time ever, people would join in a universal brotherhood and reach the highest point
And there you have it -- the only way to judge Davos, and by that measure, it's my belief that it is hugely successful. Read
Some say they are too busy. Others say they don't have enough resources. There are those who say that they don't know how
The best version of this world already exists. It's beautiful and filled with good people, but that beauty and good gets hidden by the baggage of hate, resentment, fear and anger we dump on it each day. We can't wipe out these feelings, but we can lessen their destructive power with the power of love.
A professor of social work advised me not just to try to do good, but to use some skill I had to do good. The skill I decided that I had was that I spoke English. So I decided to start a language teaching program for incoming children families who could not speak English.
October11 was the International Day of the Girl, sadly more than a billion girls and young women had nothing to celebrate. They have not been invited to share the wealth of opportunities that all human beings deserve.
If you really must copy something, don't institute the exact idea. Create something brilliant that is 3 − 5 steps beyond the original idea! Playing leapfrog is way more fun!
In honor of Facebook's amazing achievement of one in seven (predictors of its demise pay heed), I hope and pray that we will remember the other, less fortunate one in sevens.
So if you ever feel you're are not very creative, know this gift of creativity is part of who you are. Honor it, use it and share it. Because it just might change our world into an even better place.
I can't stop thinking about this. What can I do -- one person, one white woman who lives comfortably, rarely confronted by racial problems in my daily life? What do I know of prejudice, bias, hatred, violence, fear?
Things seem pretty dismal, and you feel helpless, a victim who can't help, can't bring about change, but you're wrong, you absolutely can and if you follow these 10 steps, I promise that you will.
The longing to make a substantial positive contribution to our world is one that burns in us and for the overwhelming majority remains a lifelong pang in our hearts. So why then don't we do something about it? What keeps us from changing the world?
We need to take the time to understand before we act -- hold off on tweeting that tweet or sharing that post until we are sure of our facts. Think about the implications of our clicking and subsequent shouting.