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By Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld and Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education If you have any
Because of modern technology, Hillary has far more advantages for empire-building than Charlemagne ever dreamed. In one day
And what a perfect example I realized -- somewhere between sets of burpees and lunges -- that this was also a textbook metaphor for the cyclical nature of leadership.
My birthday wish is that you try at least one of these out and make this the year that you become (or deepen your work as) a changemaker.
All young people should have the chance to step into their changemaker journeys by self-identifying as changemakers, acting on it and sharing their changemaking with the world.
The Inhabit conference speakers, many in their twenties and thirties, have committed themselves to simplified and generous
Q: Why is it important to find a community of changemakers on one's social entrepreneurial journey? I spent 6 months traveling
It's no exaggeration to say that before a baby can take its first steps, it will have fallen down in every conceivable direction hundreds, if not thousands, of times. How often at work, though, do we expect our teammates to do perfectly on the first try?
I've heard from a number of people recently who are at the beginning of their changemaker journey but stuck on how to actually get started.