The British actor, who plays Grey Worm in HBO's epic fantasy-drama, summed up the petition with one word.
Disgruntled viewers are signing the petition in droves. But it's causing a big divide among "Thrones" fans.
A petition says a logo stamped into the sole resembles the word Allah in Arabic and is "blasphemous."
“How can [it] be called the United States if some of our states are divided in half?” one MegaKota supporter asked.
“A man who had family and friends chose to end his life, and you chose to share his death to your millions of followers without thinking about how his family/friends felt?”
A new bill will require all public restrooms in New York City to have diaper changing tables.
When Dwayne Betts was 16 years old, he was involved in a carjacking with a friend. He received three felony convictions and
"The journey to Gilead happened because people waited too long to speak up."