changing seasons

Like the arrival of autumn, time marches on and we can moan about the good ole days or embrace the adventures to come. Today I think I'll decorate the porch with autumn's abundance, and go share a pumpkin spice latte with friends.
So make the most of out of what January has to offer, and take a giant step to towards what it is that you want to see yourself
As the weather gets colder, we often have different food preferences as well as exercise habits. The days also get shorter, which can affect both our moods and our food preferences. However, there is lots of good we can cultivate as we transition into the fall season.
To the fear of many, summer is waning. Autumn, they say, lulls things to death. As a Scorpio, I feel at ease in autumn. It is the only season I fully trust, meaning that I spend the rest of the year longing for it.
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As if we weren't excited enough for spring, the nine little reminders below show us that the changing season doesn't just
Nowadays, it's more difficult to know when summer is about to end. Both Now Husband and Miracle the Cat continue their usual routine year-round, and give no indication of being aware that the calendar pages are flipping by.
Experts may have all the answers, but let's face it: kids ask the best questions. Because today is Summer Solstice, 8-year-old Anika Petruccelli wonders why the Summer Solstice occurs. Why can't we have more light every day of the year?
I think about how there are only a few more weeks left before school starts and summer ends and we are back to earlier bed times, earlier mornings and no more lazy days by the pool.
Every May, the buzz of adult, kid, family and professional activities wipes me out. So much so that I tend to feel rather porous, as if my brain has turned to Swiss cheese.
What seems like a temporary eternity in life and circumstances teeters before the next shift of wind.
The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on the Starbucks menu, a sure sign that autumn is almost here (it actually begins on Tuesday). To help celebrate the season, I've collected excerpts from some of my favorite autumn poems below. Scroll down to add YOUR favorites!