"He’s bad at government, but great at causing chaos," the "Late Night" host said of the president.
Talk of fixing roads and bridges was upstaged by domestic abuse, a porn star, mass murder -- and presidential bumbling.
The difference between managers and leaders lies in the conceptions they hold, deep in their psyches, of chaos and order.
Chaos seems to reign inside and outside our home, and at times inside and outside our body. And that creates a turbulent energy which I believe is impossible to sustain long term.
Just as the birth of a butterfly is the death of the caterpillar, we are in that process of metamorphosis. Understanding
The people of the UK are realizing how significant and complicated their #Brexit "oops" moment is, and many want a do-over.
Astrid Whettnall in Road to Istanbul, photo by Hassen Brahiti All images courtesy of Elle Driver, used with permission. My
Albania is today a country ran by a myriad of political parties ran by a zillion of mediocre politicians. There are -as always
Somewhere among the late responders stands the choreographer. While the dancer can improvise her response to a cataclysm on the spot, the choreographer must devise a language of movement that must first be conveyed to a dancer who in turn must convey it to an audience.
Matthew B. James, MA, Ph.D., is President of The Empowerment Partnership. Author of several books, Dr. Matt has trained thousands
Chaos is king. Chaos reigns in the House Republican Caucus, reflecting the chaos from the Republican presidential campaign trail. The question is what will emerge from this maelstrom?
When we think of our selves as fixed, unchanging entities, we then seek to act in alignment with that self-concept and are troubled when we don't.
I was sitting in bed during a power outage recently, amazed at how still, how quiet, how dark it can all be. There isn't a moment when I'm not moving, whether physically or mentally. I'm a busy person, an extremist, a "go-getter."
No... that is not it... really what I want something that keep my two kids quiet, kind, patient, and exhibiting model behavior
Why are we so afraid of these disruptions? Most of our lives are spent pushing back against the chaos. We make laws, we make
Sometimes life is unfair and exhausting. Sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against us, like everyone has it better and easier, like everyone has more chocolate milk and Cheetos than us.