In his first public appearance since the Capitol Hill insurrection, President Donald Trump said everything he said before the riot was “appropriate.” But these clips of his speech show his words were anything but.
"This is not child's play," said the House speaker. "It is unconstitutional."
An interview with Lulu Miller, co-founder of the podcast Invisibilia, whose new book "Why Fish Don't Exist" could not be better timed.
"He’s bad at government, but great at causing chaos," the "Late Night" host said of the president.
Talk of fixing roads and bridges was upstaged by domestic abuse, a porn star, mass murder -- and presidential bumbling.
The difference between managers and leaders lies in the conceptions they hold, deep in their psyches, of chaos and order.
Chaos seems to reign inside and outside our home, and at times inside and outside our body. And that creates a turbulent energy which I believe is impossible to sustain long term.
Our old systems are not sustainable... they are damaging to the planet and to humanity. So they need to go! It doesn't matter
The people of the UK are realizing how significant and complicated their #Brexit "oops" moment is, and many want a do-over.