Chaos theory

Who knew we’d still be talking about it 25 years later?
To understand such terrorist organizations the model of a superorganism may be useful. It refers to a complex structure comprised of elements that could not behave at higher levels independently but exhibit specialized functions.
It is at this point, according to Capella, that you need someone to step in as a reorganization force, someone who can redirect
No one, in my estimation, bridged the gulf between science and faith better than Teilhard de Chardin, the French paleontologist, priest, and mystic (1881-1955). By his success, Teilhard provided a model for those who seek integrity in the reconciliation of science and spirituality.
Many questions related to the three-body problem, and even more questions related to the general n-body problem, remain open. In particular, we don't even know with certainty whether or not our own solar system is stable in the very long run.
Today we ring the death knell for determinism, the collateral damage of two revolutionary scientific developments of the 20th century. Let's review them in reverse historical order.
As a connected global society, people are sharing opinions, reviews, thoughts, and movements with one another all day, every day. That in itself is remarkable. We call it the real-time global brain.
Once I had decided to work on Franketienne for my thesis, what initially interested me in his work was his use of Vodou as
Informed activism is the cardinal virtue in these critical times. It's our best hope for taking control of our destiny: for creating a world we can live in, and can leave in good conscience to our children.
Certain Avatar viewers are leaving the movie depressed at their inability to access a world as spiritual and beautiful as Pandora. The problem is not Earth, but rather these viewers.