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Worries about the government, the environment and Trumpcare topped a survey of American fears.
"As a mom, you just want to help your kids get through things. I’ve always believed in him," she said.
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If I had been a Christian, I would be a preacher, she said to me. You are - you have found your way! I replied. Valarie Kaur
No one would argue the profound benefits of a good night's rest. It is after all that our brain takes a downtime every night
Not only have we become disconnected from each other, our over-connected and technologically driven culture has led us being disconnected from nature!
The Mormon Church wants laws on the books that would allow a Mormon apartment building owner who doesn't want to rent a unit to a gay couple, the "religious freedom" not to do so. Or a Mormon business owner the right to fire a lesbian worker simply because of whom she is, not because of the quality of her work.
New research from Chapman University reveals that there are gender-based differences when it comes to the way people feel about infidelity.
The survey, conducted by a multidisciplinary team of Chapman researchers, polled 1,500 adults across the country, asking
letter to Dad in Vietnam As Memorial Day approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to those who have served in the military
Though he's personally disappointed in the way the World Wide Web has emerged and become integral to our relationship with knowledge, Nelson's influence on the many people who have shaped our digital world is immense.
These are matters that any MFA applicant should think through, and you may want to look around.
Last week, we offered advice for students starting their first semester of college. This week, we get to some practical advice that no one else may bother to mention to you.
The Orange County Register is reporting that Will Norton, the Chapman University-bound Missouri resident missing in the tornado
The surfaces of her canvases seem to roil with spillage, splats, and collisions. Forms seem to rip asunder. Together these elements seem to describe the aftermath of an aesthetic storm.
The 2010 Honors Institute at Chapman University in Orange, CA was an intense, week-long study of "The Democratization of Information: Power, Peril, and Promise."