The story of the hiking adventure may help you recover from Clinton's defeat.
While guests hovered around Bill, Hillary spent much of the time in a corner of the house, putting a puzzle together with the hosts' children. And that is how I most remember her. Smiling, with no one around but the kids.
Billy adored me as I came closer to that age where we keep losing reasons to adore ourselves. While sipping happy hour cocktails with girlfriends, I'd discuss my middle school boyfriend. "He was important," I'd say. "It was such a sweet thing. It was special."
Chaim had brought a disposable, and I posed with the president, with his arm around me. And we smiled and stood there... and
These are the two stories in brief: Jane Wild, a 78-year-old retired schoolteacher, was found dead on February 4th in a bathroom
A registered nurse and divorced mother of four from Chappaqua -- the town Bill and Hillary Clinton call home -- pleaded not
Like hand-penned letters, the number of phone calls being made is decreasing relative to other types of electronic communications.
Although many people were surprised before I explained why, deciding to have my launch party at Donna Hair Design in Chappaqua was a no-brainer
Acts of environmental sabotage like the one that happened on Mr. Bauer's property are an added burden to a system already battling the effects of water-borne bacteria.
Remember me? I introduced myself and welcomed you to Chappaqua in a letter that appeared in The Washington Post in 1999. You even took the time to acknowledge it, writing me a personal note afterwards. Like other neighbors in our small leafy hamlet (the way it's referred to disparagingly in the press), we never really got to know each other.