Chapter 9

But they're still going to need a lot more of those.
The virtual Chapter 9 strategy would generate enough leverage over creditors for Puerto Rico to deal with its debt crisis. The risk is that it would generate too much. Without an actual Chapter 9 to limit the Puerto Rican government, that government could design a procedure even more to its benefit.
Chapter 9 is part of the solution to Puerto Rico's complicated debt and liquidity crisis. The alternative -- doing nothing and watching bondholders subject Puerto Rico to years of litigation and chaos -- would be a disaster for a business community that thrives on predictability and order.
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Stockton is seeking Chapter 9 protection from its creditors and said that it would cut retiree health benefits while it reorganizes
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In August, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael McManus approved the city's plan to remove itself from Chapter 9 bankruptcy and
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