Character assassination

Do not believe three decades of character assassination directed at the Democratic candidate. Do not believe eighteen months
If you are a dynamic, successful individual, a born leader, highly charismatic, popular, attractive, or all of these things, then at some point you are guaranteed to be the target of character assassination. Given how damaging character assassination can be, it's worthwhile having in your toolkit the means to survive one -- and not just survive: PREVAIL.
The term "swiftboating" is an expression that has become synonymous with deceptive and untrue political attacks that were
Jordan's reform movement was given a hefty present with the Minister Taher Odwan resignation. The media strategy that his committee produced will now become the rallying cry for activists and media professionals.
I didn't scream for the Obama Joker posters to be yanked down for a Hitlerian banned-book bonfire. The call was for the individual slapping the posters up to publicly ID themselves.
Our attraction to certain personal characteristics is integral to how we evolved as humans. How do we leap from prehistoric clan success to modern day presidential politics?
A new form of political murder has taken its place -- character assassination. Over the last two decades, the Right has learned how to destroy its enemies without leaving a body.