charles and david koch

Charles and David Koch, founders of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF), have
Harry Reid kept up his Senate floor attacks on the Koch brothers, describing them as a cult.
It's time for people of courage to beat our partisan swords into ploughshares and come together to help millions of people who have lost the power to advocate for themselves.
The political network spearheaded by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch has expanded into a far-reaching operation
Buffett is famous for dispensing common-sense investment wisdom to the masses, bailing out American corporate icons and holding
Tobacco giant Reynolds American Inc. last year helped fund several of the nation’s most politically active — and secretive — nonprofit organizations, according to a company document reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity. Zach Carter joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
Ronald Whitford, the company’s associate general counsel, said Lorillard “could look at possibly enhancing disclosure in
What do you get two billionaire brothers who already have everything? According to the New York Times, the Kochs want a national media presence as well.
In 2010, the three justices joined the majority in a 5-2 decision to reject a state effort to invalidate the heath care reform
“What is known about the Kochs’ agenda and business practices would give most Americans pause. According to the Kansas City