charles chaput

Archbishop Charles Chaput has a new list full of "hard teaching" for remarried, cohabiting, and same-sex Catholic couples.
You can see this in Aquila's attitude toward Planned Parenthood, which came up repeatedly at the rally. Most of Planned Parenthood's work has nothing to do with abortion but instead with providing women, many of them low-income, with basic health care and family planning.
Cynics, but not only cynics, like to observe, not always inaccurately, that Christians are never happy unless they are fighting -- each other. Certainly, their scriptures have notes of militancy. Most of these signal fighting -- evils at a distance or evils within the self.
Social justice and climate change are some of the pontiff's hallmark issues, but these bishops are ready to be surprised.
In the past couple of weeks the hot topic in downtown Philly has shifted. Most now are not asking for tips on how to leave our apartments and get to our jobs when Pope Francis visits from September 22nd to 25th for the World Meeting of Families -- along with an expected 1.5 million people.
Chaput is expected to host Pope Francis in Philadelphia next September for a global World Meeting of Families, and his criticisms
But, as Gardner said, Chaput did not back the personhood amendment. I couldn't find Chaput's specific explanation for his
"Jesus tells us very clearly that if we don't help the poor, we're going to go to hell. Period. There's just no doubt about
Chaput "cannot expect decades of secrecy and self-serving decisions by church employees to change if he refuses to permanently
"A lot," he added with a chuckle. His 2008 book, "Render Unto Caesar," was released just as Democrats gathered in Denver