Charles Cooper

Harris County, Texas, brought on a powerhouse conservative attorney to defend its money-based detention system before a federal appeals court.
Added Peitzman: "It's impossible to be touched by this issue personally and not come to the right conclusion." "It blows
2014-04-21-AFERProp8lawyerdaughtervidsmall.pngCharles Cooper says that his views on marriage equality are evolving, and it's all thanks to his lesbian stepdaughter and her fiancée.
The state -- at least the state of New Mexico -- does not privilege marriage as a way to make impulsive young men stick by their kids. It sanctions marriage to help strengthen the commitments of couples and families -- real families. And that includes gay ones.
The undeniable, sharp and measurable uptick in global warming has come since 2004, in the nine years since marriage between gay people became legal in Massachusetts. Katrina anyone? Sandy? Melting ice caps? Rush Limbaugh's persistent sunburn? Real-world consequences.
Whatever the outcome of this week's historic Supreme Court hearings on same-sex marriage, one thing has become crystal clear: there is no longer, if there ever was, a rational argument to ban it. Are there any grounds for holding that position beyond simple prejudice?
Attorney David Boies felt "very, very gratified" that the Supreme Court heard the case and said he awaits the court's decision
"Strom Thurmond was -- was not the chairman of the Senate committee when Justice Kagan was confirmed," Scalia continued, according
In recent polls by the Pew Research Center and HuffPost/YouGov, many Americans said they have changed their minds in recent
Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) weighed in on the issue of same-sex marriage Tuesday, saying "it is fairly clear about where this