charles dickens

Too many people are incarcerated in local jails because they can't afford to pay a fee or fine.
How did Charles Dickens' beloved Christmas story become a trophy for a Wall Street titan?
I realized I was gay when I was 10. I did not know how to deal with it. There was nothing I could do. The feeling that I
An article entitled Ten Toxic People to Avoid Like the Plague appeared in my inbox this morning. I clicked it fast as I could
"I want, before you die, for you to feel at rest, to feel you’ve accomplished enough. To look around at this earth and say: It was good."
My family lives on Chicago's north side. My daughters and I took the elevated train downtown. It was a chilly night, with
For example, after a few hundred pages, we meet a certain Mr. Spenlow, who is considering training young David to become
Acknowledging the dualism between body and symbol in an awareness of death motivates us to live life to its fullest and to heal the world.
If history is a guide Americans will not be electing Donald Trump, even as they may find many practical or potential faults with Hillary Clinton. The latter is merely imperfect; the former offers a detested and despised face. As a citizenry in a fulsome democracy we still understand the difference.
After 20 years in Los Angeles this has taken some getting used to--the humility, the big toe in the dirt "aw shucks, who
One man chases another and kills him in the silent halls of one of the most famous art Museums in the world. The dying man
Don't turn away from the sunshine, from the opportunities and possibilities that are in front of you. Don't let change scare you. Don't let your comfort zone, your safety net, your secure spot, keep you from greatness. Let go of the familiar and embrace the freedom of change.
Many point to William Shakespeare as England's (as well as the world's) greatest dramatist. Others choose to identify the Victorian era as producing some of England's greatest literature.
In essay after essay -- skip most of the fiction; he's no master -- Orwell writes clean, satisfying prose, what he liked to think of as "prose like a windowpane." These essays mattered then. If you can connect some dots, you'll see they matter now.
Now, here it is, hundreds of years later: millions of fruitcakes are manufactured and sold in just the United States alone
Studies show that as a person grows in wealth, they lose empathy for their fellow man. This is also directly tied in with inequality, because as someone climbs a curve exhibiting exponential growth, that person will have exponentially fewer peers.
Who better to skewer one of the most heinous digibabble obfuscations of our time -- instant delivery -- than Dickens... And when better to do it than during "holiday" time?