charles kinsey

We need to ensure that people with I/DD aren't left behind as Congress makes bipartisan strides in criminal justice reform.
Corporate leaders like Tim Ryan, PwC's U.S. chairman, are tackling the delicate issue head-on with their staff in the hopes that the conversation will extend far beyond the walls of their business. Here's our full video interview about business leadership.
The responding officer shot health worker Charles Kinsey while he attended to a patient.
"I know love is the answer," DJ Khaled said in response to the string of recent tragedies.
The police said they wanted to protect Charles Kinsey from the Autistic man. They meant to "shoot the autistic guy." I wonder what "the Autistic man" is feeling and thinking.
Police violence is not about obeying the police or respecting the law. It's about power: who has it, and whose lives it can end.
"The therapist with arms raised was shot and thankfully not fatally. But WHY???!!!"
The officer who shot the unarmed therapist was identified as a SWAT team member.
The officer misjudged the threat and shot the wrong person, the Miami-Dade union boss said.