Charles Murray

Just the fact that he has a political adviser is a harbinger of things to come.
Universities shouldn’t shelter students and protect them in a liberal bubble. It’s good for them to be exposed to ideas that might differ from theirs.
At the risk of sounding like a geezer complaining about “these kids today,” back in my college days, when it came to points
Why do you see “danger” in the clash of ideas, instead of opportunity?
Previous generations’ college experiences were satirized by the film Animal House, but today’s college campus seems more
Although Charles Murray is a self-described libertarian, he is more of a classical liberal that believes government should do as little as possible and that its political subdivisions that weaken it actually make it more effective in how it serves the people.
Everyone agrees we've taken poverty seriously. We've created a panoply of relief programs to lessen it through government action, and yet, while we've enabled those with the lowest income to survive, the poor are still with us.
A study published in Nature Neuroscience found that children from the most disadvantaged families had brains with a smaller surface area than those from families with higher incomes. The reflexive rhetoric of political scientist Charles Murray and others claim it supports their view that there's not much you can do to educate poor kids. But that's not what the science says.
The question ultimately is why America's moral standards seem to have fallen so far. Drug and alcohol abuse remains widespread. The two-parent nuclear family seems to be quickly disappearing.
I hope that Americans will consider these blind spots, along with Kissinger's occasional indulgences of cold-blooded brutality, before over-praising his troves of wisdom and occasional elegance.
The editors of the Wall Street Journal are clueless about who progressives are and what they want.
When the rights of groups conflict, it makes little sense that the historically privileged should be deemed the aggrieved party. But courtrooms and legislatures are not our only ground. We must reach in honesty and clarity across the social divide.
Ryan's comments last month reflect a political climate where Republicans not only do not meaningfully speak to African American citizens, but they tell themselves and their supporters stories about politics and economics that will ensure that they do not have to speak to African American voters in the future.
But, back to happiness. Murray closes the conversation with reflections on one of his favorite books he has authored, In
Getting policy guidance from a confessed criminal is no longer that shocking for the Abbott campaign. His political maneuvers cannot be described as stumbles but are clearly becoming manifestations of a duplicitous belief system that will, at a minimum, confound, if not alienate, traditional Texas voters, including conservatives.
In his pre-Kindergarten education plan released this week, Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott cites the work of a man who believes that women and minorities are intellectually inferior to white men.