Charles, Prince of Wales

The Duchess of Sussex got sweet notes from members of the royal family.
The singer hilariously commented on photos of the two of them at a concert in London.
The president corrected his tweet, but his fishy spelling became bait for lots of jokes.
The Duchess of Cornwall was caught on camera winking behind Trump’s back.
It's their first public appearance together in about three months.
The Prince of Wales is first in line for the throne, but not in peoples' hearts, apparently.
"They are incredibly special creatures," the Prince of Wales said. He's also taken with turkeys.
Featuring a giggling Prince George with his sister, Princess Charlotte, and brother, Prince Louis.
The Duchess of Sussex has her own ideas about Harry's environmentally friendly obsession.
“All grandchildren deserve a better future," the Prince of Wales said.
Prince Harry is a dead ringer for his grandfather Prince Philip.
She attended the events with Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Middleton will likely ditch her Duchess of Cambridge title for something more sentimental: the Princess of Wales.
But the duchess did reveal some of Prince Charles' favorite foods in her "MasterChef Australia" appearance.