Charles Taylor

When "political leaders propose to limit the rights of Muslims," Charles Taylor says, "they encourage Islamophobic sentiment and disinhibit hostile acts."
By James Tully Charles Taylor has been widely recognized for his contributions to philosophy, sociology, history, political
Philosopher Charles Taylor ends up doing what David Foster Wallace used to say a good novel is supposed to do: give us a sense that we aren’t alone.
The ongoing decimation ranks the Syrian city as an emblem of human brutality in our time.
There’s something about personal exposure to great and inspiring minds that can touch the soul.
In an era of Trump and Brexit, the Canadian philosopher's insight is especially relevant.
"Every little girl should believe she's a princess."
We cheerfully allow domineering corporations, which are not in fact living human beings, the kind of bailout that outrages us when we reward flesh-and-blood tyrants with the same privilege -- impunity for the damages they cause to others.
As 2012 winds down, it is time again to reflect on the year’s human rights developments. How did the world do following an eventful 2011?
The Security Council and the International Criminal Court have both shown a lack of determination to treat crimes against children with the gravity that their mandates demand.