Just hours after his personal lawyer Michael Cohen enters a guilty plea and his former campaign manager is convicted, President Trump goes on a confusing rant about...poultry.
Author’s note: This is a revision of a piece I wrote on June 23, 2015, after a gunman killed nine people in a Charleston
West Virginia's capital city is a place where "people need to be."
The sharp increase of fatal drug overdoses in West Virginia has overwhelmed funeral directors, the medical examiner’s office and families trying to bury loved ones. This video was produced in partnership with the Charleston Gazette-Mail. To read more on this story, head here:
Even our coal mining history gets falsely homogenized.
Floods hit Jacksonville, Florida, and Charleston, South Carolina, as Irma continues northward as a tropical storm.
South Carolina State Rep. Wendell Gilliard says an email called him a "n****r" and told him to go back to Africa.
The vanishing sunlight during past solar eclipses has thrown off animals' circadian rhythms, research shows.
“Charleston has every bit of potential to become the next Charlottesville."