charlie baker

Gov. Charlie Baker ordered the ban as hundreds of cases of vaping-related lung illness and nine deaths have been reported nationwide.
Despite allegations from Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick, the Senate Judiciary Committee has set a vote for Friday.
"This is a victory for voters, and for a healthy and vibrant democracy.”
"It’s hard for me to imagine that this is happening in the United States of America," Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said.
Despite its green-sounding name, the Mass Coalition for Sustainable Energy represents companies who want to build more natural gas pipelines.
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said he's "obviously disappointed" by his decision.
Many at the State House, in City Hall, and in the local press are flat-out giddy to roll-out the red carpet for GE. There is however, a growing resistance (both inside the State House and outside) to hold our elected leaders accountable for squandering public funds.
The Massachusetts governor was yelled at mid-speech.
An insurrectionist presidential candidate stuns his party's establishment by pocketing the party's nomination. His views do not line up with mainstream figures in his party.
Events in South Carolina over the past two weeks have demonstrated that the racially-targeted political strategy that Richard Nixon set in motion to assure his own electoral victory fifty years ago remains deeply ingrained in the GOP.
A spokeswoman for Baker did not immediately respond to an email seeking confirmation of the agreement. Christine Owens, director
Attorney General Maura Healey said at the press conference the state must improve access to mental health and substance abuse
Jonathan Gruber, the influential and controversial MIT health economist, is among four people that the Massachusetts governor
Leave Dr. Scott alone, and show up and vote in your local elections if you actually care about fixing the MBTA. The voters have let the state legislature stagnate, and now we are reaping the consequences of our fatal disinterest.
BOSTON (AP) — Lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev asked a federal appeals court Wednesday to overturn