Charlie Chaplin

The claim was "so bizarre," the "Maid" actor told Stephen Colbert.
Before there was an internet and before there were memes, there was Charlie Chaplin checking out another woman as his disgusted wife watched.
We’ve enjoyed one hundred days of the President’s motley crew of cabinet members, advisers, strategists and, of course, Spicey. Here are some of the highlights from ‘Trump’s Lackeys’.
A bunch of Tramps got together to make some mischief.
CLOWNS are, and always have been historically, FUNNY PEOPLE. Their one and only goal in life has been to make people laugh
Few, if any, grasp the fluidity of the human condition as does the clown. Be it before an audience of thousands or by the
The legendary Charles Chaplin (Abu-Fadil) After viewing a brief documentary on Chaplin in a theater, visitors walk behind
Rob McClure knows the exact moment when he first understood the transformative power of live theater.
Newt Gingrich's supposed smartness is rather indiscriminate, when examined closely. Newt has what he considers 10 or 12 brilliant ideas each day, which he is in the habit of just tossing out for discussion.
Each spring, the TCM Classic Film Festival arrives in Hollywood, sparking pleasant reflections on what it is for a film to be considered "a classic."
Tired of red carpets, awards shows, insulting debates, boring Town Halls and droning political pundits? Check out the newest incarnation of the Egyptian boy wonder at The Discovery of King Tut exhibit.
Lord Carnarvon (George Herbert) Photo Credit: Harry Burton Look, I went to an Ivy League school, but even my over-curious
More than half a decade ago, I wrote some thoughts about the future of comedy in the digital age. Without much modesty I
As President Bill Clinton famously said to me after a performance at The White House in 1997. "Let me see Mr. Tim, you're
In the worlds of burlesque, cabaret and queer performance there's no hotter couple right now than Kitten N' Lou.
Nearly a century after becoming the first international movie star, Charlie Chaplin continues to hold court as the superlative of slapstick and one the most influential comedic filmmakers in history.
I became an American on Nov. 4, 2010, at an elegant ceremony in Great Hall of Bullfinch's Faneuil Hall, Boston, beneath a vast painting of Daniel Webster debating the preservation of the Union with Robert Hayne of South Carolina.
The European: Later in life, you can only be a rebel with a cause if you want to be taken seriously. Beigbeder: You need
Bill Plympton is not a genius, or so he insists, although none of his thousands of fans would be shocked if a MacArthur "Genius Grant" came his way.