charlie crist rick scott

Crist, the former Republican governor who is now running as a Democrat in a close race against Gov. Rick Scott (R), is refusing
Crist's campaign is also offering to send donors a hand-held fan if they chip in at least $5. Lest we forget the infamous
Staying cool in Florida also seems to have long concerned Crist. In 2008, the Orlando Sentinel reported that he took a small
That the two Democrats were campaigning head-to-head was a change from the way the primary has played out over past months
The Crist camp isn't taking kindly to the calls, as you might expect, with a campaign spokesman referring to them as a "voter
Crist's biggest hurdle in securing the key black turnout may be a series of provocative ads by Progressive Choice, a group
President Barack Obama made hay out of the line in June, slamming politicians who use it for failing to curb the harmful
In a book and repeatedly on the campaign trail, Crist has said he switched because the GOP became too extreme. That investigation
Slade O'Brien, Florida director of Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group that's one of the nation's leading Obamacare
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