Charlie Dent

Ex-Rep. Charlie Dent says the word behind the scenes is very different from what's being said in public.
Trump's not the guy to woo the swing votes Dr. Oz so desperately needs in the state, notes former Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent.
The CNN anchor posed the question after “two completely unhinged conspiracy theorists" won Republican congressional primaries.
"I don’t think there’s much he can do to improve it right now,” said former Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania.
Former Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania lifted the lid on what many of his ex-colleagues are saying — and explained why they won't yet speak out against Trump.
Former Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania referenced a hilariously farcical scene to make his point about the government shutdown.
Retiring lawmaker has some harsh words for the "character counts" crowd.
President Donald Trump's claimed harmony in the Republican party is souring as lawmakers retire and condemn him.