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It's been three years since Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen as the star of "Two and a Half Men." Sheen has since moved
It seems that Charlie Sheen is outraged about something once again. Following the "Duck Dynasty" controversy, Sheen posted a rant directed at Phil Robertson, which appeared to be written in the form of free verse poetry and included a photo of a pigeon that Sheen presumably mistook for a duck.
In the latest update on the matter, A&E has announced that Robertson will return to the show in January. "Your statements
Direct communication is the best way to do so. It's never easy to talk to someone who has upset you, when you have something negative to say or with a fight in the air.
Denise Richard got flak from the media last week for debuting what some considered a "shockingly thin" frame. Sheen isn't
"They needed a visual reminder not to forget the epidemic of bullying," the "Anger Management" actor told TMZ. "There's no
Forty-seven-year-old Charlie Sheen has found himself a new enemy: 9-year-olds. More specifically, the kids who bullied his
During his interview, Sheen told Matt Lauer, "I guess the plan was to reintroduce myself to America and to the media and
Kim Kardashian: $10,000, for companies like Snoop Dogg: $8,000 per tweet. Paula Abdul: $5,000 per tweet. Whitney
Sheen, 46, and Richards, 40, divorced in 2006; earlier this year, Richards published the book “The Real Girl Next Door,” in
The fact that social media can have such a domineering effect on the programs we watch on a daily basis is both titillating and frightening all rolled into one.
In attempt to direct message Justin Bieber with his phone number (why?), Sheen accidentally tweeted his digits for all of
Richards recently released a new memoir, The Real Girl Next Door, chronicling her divorce from Sheen, how she dealt with
Charlie Sheen, on tour performing his one-man show "Violent Torpedo of Truth," is headed to Radio City Music Hall in New
Both of Charlie Sheen's goddesses are back at his house after former porn star Rachel Oberlin returned from a week-long trip
Charlie Sheen just joined Twitter last week, and already he's set the Guinness World Record for fastest Twitter user to hit
The ad makes inspiring use of Adobe Photoshop's bevel tool, and also shows a masterful grasp of the pattern overlay function
#winning. So why is he doing this? Boredom? Hardly. Without his "Two and a Half Men" income, Sheen needs some cash to support
CNN host Piers Morgan is seventh. Sheen sat down for an interview with the British journalist on Monday. Next came Bree Olson
PHOTO: Charlie Sheen's drink of choice? Chocolate milk. Or so he says on Twitter. Here's a photo of the tweet. Sheen, who