charlie sykes

“It’s a very, very scary scenario and I think that we ought to be prepared for it," said Charlie Sykes.
"There’s no standard of decency that he is not willing to shred," warned Charlie Sykes.
“The problem is that this time around he’s fat Elvis,” Charlie Sykes said. “It feels derivative because 2016 is a different time.”
The MSNBC host responded to conservative commentator Charlie Sykes, who said he's mystified by Republican lawmakers parroting Russian propaganda.
Charlie Sykes suggested Trump's "lack of reality" may be key to ending the stalemate over border wall funding.
The president needs to manufacture a crisis to get his wall built, says conservative pundit Charlie Sykes.
The first time I was a guest on the O’Reilly Factor, a few aghast colleagues queried: “How could you do such a thing?” My
Railing against Donald Trump becomes tougher on the right as he gets closer to winning the Republican nomination.
There had been isolated progress. For example, Trump talked policy, not polls at AIPAC. Instead of spontaneous name-calling