charlie sykes

It “ought to be a major issue” that Democrats point out about the GOP, Charlie Sykes told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace.
The battle "isn't between Trump fans and skeptics" anymore, said The Bulwark founder Charlie Sykes.
It poses “a real danger going forward in undermining confidence in elections," warned Charlie Sykes.
Charlie Sykes explained why “we may look back” on Donald Trump’s first term “with a certain sense of nostalgia."
"I'm not sure we can say that, Charlie!" a startled MSNBC host Lindsey Reiser said.
Charlie Sykes slammed Texas, Florida and Arizona Republicans for competing in "the most hair-on-fire culture war games.”
"A clown with a flamethrower still has a flamethrower," warned Charlie Sykes.
“It’s a very, very scary scenario and I think that we ought to be prepared for it," said Charlie Sykes.
"There’s no standard of decency that he is not willing to shred," warned Charlie Sykes.
“The problem is that this time around he’s fat Elvis,” Charlie Sykes said. “It feels derivative because 2016 is a different time.”