charlie sykes

Charlie Sykes suggested Trump's "lack of reality" may be key to ending the stalemate over border wall funding.
The president needs to manufacture a crisis to get his wall built, says conservative pundit Charlie Sykes.
The first time I was a guest on the O’Reilly Factor, a few aghast colleagues queried: “How could you do such a thing?” My
Railing against Donald Trump becomes tougher on the right as he gets closer to winning the Republican nomination.
Here's what Trump really knows. If Kasich were gone, Kasich would not be in general election polls. Against Hillary, Cruz
It's been a year since the First Amendment suffered a gigantic blow as a result of the 2012 Scott Walker recall campaign. Now, there is another threat to free speech, stemming from that same recall of GOP presidential hopeful Walker looming at the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.
Buzzfeed puts Milwaukee on its list of 14 underappreciated cities. It's at No. 14, of course, but hey...
One of the first questions Tom Wheeler's FCC will have to (reluctantly?) decide: Is talk radio the same as "bonafide news"?