Charlie Trotter

Chef Bill Kim makes smoky ribs, fried ramen noodles and more.
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I am grateful to have been affected by the passion and drive that was Charlie Trotter. As his sister Anne noted during the memorial service last year, Charlie felt that "If you are willing to work hard enough, no obstacle is too big to overcome."
Chef Charlie Trotter's five-bedroom 5,200 square-foot Chicago mini-mansion is for sale.
Chef Terhune isn't from Chicago and I wondered how she felt about being in one of the most culinary cities in the world.
At the memorial service on Monday, there were at least 400 people and an estimated 50 of them were wearing white chef jackets.  The pastor likened eating with Charlie Trotter to the sacrament of breaking bread.
Charlie Trotter was the consummate chef. As a role model, mentor and great friend to so many of us chefs around the world, he will never be replaced. And for those of us lucky enough to eat at his tables, let's forever consider ourselves grateful.
Charlie would say, "More caviar! No we can't charge them for more, we just do it! That's what we do, the right thing. Anything less would not be enough, anything more and it would be too much."
Dishes from the final week of menus included poached white asparagus with charred broccolini, manchego cheese and red pepper
An ASM representative expressed disappointment at the incident and said officials are working to recover the students' artwork
CHICAGO, June 13 (Reuters) - The famed Chicago chef Charlie Trotter has been sued for allegedly selling two wine collectors
Trotter closed the lauded restaurant in August of 2012, citing a desire to travel and return to school and pursue a master's
Among the best deals are those for china, cookware and tables -- opening bids are for $10, and there are currently no offers
The Interview Show, which I host at The Hideout (in Chicago) and Union Hall (in Brooklyn), celebrated its fifth anniversary on Feb. 1.
On Wednesday, only about 10 percent of the items up for auction sold, according to the Tribune. By comparison, Trotter's
Eater Chicago reports the massive wine collection was headed for Christie's in New York City, but upon arrival, an entire
Matt Eversman, the 28-year-old chef of the soon-to-open OON in Chicago, visited The Interview Show to talk about his quick rise in Chicago's restaurant scene, his plans for OON, "externing" for Charlie Trotter and more.
The foundation added a category this year recognizing Outstanding Bar Programs, and named The Aviary and The Violet Hour