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White's exhibition challenges the viewer to remove the construct of gender fully from the overall digestion of the objects
Classroom Champions taught me, and my students, about the power that lies in believing in yourself and believing that no
Davis and White joined HuffPost Live to talk about their experience on the hit reality show and Davis' chemistry with Chmerkovskiy
Meryl Davis joins HuffPost Live to discuss her "chemistry" with Maksim Chmerkovskiy.
Those of us who have seen some of his best ice dance routines are well aware that Charlie White was born to rock tails. But I don't think any of us were ready for his smoothest DWTS moves yet--or to see him go before the finals.
We won't have White's world to drop in on every Monday night forever. So once again, I'm alerting you to this priceless opportunity to see one of the most gracious, gregarious and graceful role models we -- and our kids -- have had in ages.
One thing's for sure: every time they slick back his hair and put him in one of those outfits that are supposed to make him look mucho macho, he looks like a really cute kid dancing around in Daddy's clothes.
The judges wanted hip action the last time Charlie White tackled a Latin routine. They got a little more this week. But those hips, to mangle a metaphor, may turn out to be White's Achille's heel.
The judges were just dying to give Charlie White those "10s" his fans have been demanding. But...
Charlie White should be held to the same standards anyone else would be. There's only one problem: One of those DWTS deductions was based on an "illegal" lift. And Charlie White didn't choreograph the dance, he just danced it. Beautifully.
What planet is this kid from? "We just dance. He... is doing something else," Baryshnikov explained. Okay, there's the face
When Olympic skeleton driver Noelle Pikus-Pace zoomed face-down on her sled to the finish line of a frozen track, then realized her time was fast enough to win a silver medal, she blew off reporters, photographers and microphones. She had to find her family first.
Get four big dudes who can really sprint, cram them into one of those 12-foot-long space shuttles, and let's see if they can do a Double McTwist 1260 at 80 mph.
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Well, if expensive marketing research shows that dads are happy to cede this spotlight, then I shall accept that for the
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Stunning photos from a 2008 project by artist Charlie White pair teen girls with their transgender adult female doppelgängers
Shot putter Ralph Rose, for example, who won golds in the 1904, 1908 and 1912 Olympics, established the American tradition
Los Angeles
Rare Bloom is the opening reception for a collection of works by Los Angeles-based artist Liza Ryan. Ryan's photographs, videos and mixed media works explore themes including the American South, psychology, feminism, and nature.
"We saw Hoosiers clearly reject two Virginians running for office in Indiana," Gregg said. "That's why my opponent has been