Charlotte, North Carolina

Two convention attendees and two individuals supporting the event, which ended Thursday, have tested positive for the coronavirus so far.
The renomination of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president will happen behind closed doors in Charlotte, NC.
The GOP convention had been scheduled for Charlotte, North Carolina, before the coronavirus pandemic changed the city's plans.
"They treat us like animals," he said of police searching his car while he performed in Charlotte, North Carolina.
David Ledbetter wanted to meet the people where they are, and right now the people are in line for chicken sandwiches.
The woman also threatened to "bring out my concealed weapons too."
For years, advocates have called victims of domestic violence part of the country’s “hidden homeless.” But now, for the first
"I felt like I look good in my picture," the stylist said.
Organizations must nourish and buttress the political ambitions of young black and brown women.