Charlotte, North Carolina

David Ledbetter wanted to meet the people where they are, and right now the people are in line for chicken sandwiches.
The woman also threatened to "bring out my concealed weapons too."
For years, advocates have called victims of domestic violence part of the country’s “hidden homeless.” But now, for the first
"I felt like I look good in my picture," the stylist said.
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How the anti-abortion movement uses children to legitimize its message.
"Other people judge me. What is the difference? I say I’m white," the Republican told a reporter.
Brandon James says he wanted to open minds to "tolerance and acceptance."
"She is not the same person that left," her mother said.
The special election was overshadowed by a similar race in Georgia.
Democrat Archie Parnell is vying for Mick Mulvaney’s old House seat.
And how the abortion rights movement can better support women of color.
The owner said, "I assume whoever found her wants to get rid of her."
“I was calm, and I told him go get something, get a towel, I need to wrap it up,” the courageous mom recalled.
For many women, "access" to abortion care includes enduring harassment.