T.P. Demand has been so high that retailers are buying up foreign toilet paper brands, mostly from Mexico.
Understands his target audience Like it or not, Trump has beat all rivals for the Republican nomination before the convention
Dating isn't easy at any age, especially when you have a heart the size of Texas. But I still have hope that there's a guy confident enough who can handle a little gas eking out when he squeezes the Charmin.
If you get a kick out of the term "de-sheeting," you're not alone. The WGN morning news anchors in Chicago completely lost
Game show host Wink Martindale joins Nancy to describe his relationship with Elvis Presley.
"I don't know what could happen with toilet paper," he said. "It's a funny subject matter, but you know what, even the hip
Blaise Pascal once said: "All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone." While Pascal never
Once in a (full) moon, a song comes along that speaks to a generation, thus becoming its anthem for truth that can no longer
Click through the slideshow below to see this year's toilet paper dress entries and the winning design. Your husband-to-be