So it was Mother's Day 2013, and I got out of bed and was coming downstairs around 1:30 pm (because that's how we party), to
Craters, sure, but Charon's surface also features mountains, landslides, and a gigantic canyon.
“It looks like somebody just dropped a giant boulder on Charon."
The "Churon" label appeared several times onscreen throughout the report, giving the Twitterverse plenty of time to notice
"This is an epic day for fans of our betentacled overlord."
The grainy videos were assembled from images taken by the New Horizons spacecraft on nine occasions from May 29 through June
A NASA spacecraft hurtling toward a 2015 rendezvous with Pluto has captured an amazing video of the dwarf planet and its
Pluto belongs to a belt of icy debris beyond Neptune called the Kuiper Belt. Out there, much of the debris left over from