The deal, which still needs FCC approval, would create the second-largest broadband provider.
I am an annoyed Time Warner Cable customer whose current Triple Play service, that had an $89.99 advertised priced, is now costing me $211.27. That is a 135% increase over the advertised price in just a few years, and it continues to climb. And somehow making this company larger through a merger with Charter helps because...?
TimeWarner Charter faces headwinds, Sundance awash in webcaster cash, and telco's see long road to riches...
Charter has emerged as a likely acquirer of Time Warner Communications ("TWC") after Comcast's failed bid earlier this year. I believed that the Comcast deal was workable from a competition standpoint, which makes the Charter deal even more so.
Presente, the organization I direct, strongly opposed the Comcast-TWC merger because creating a cable mega-company would have had a broad negative impact on Latino customers.
Altice will not seek to outbid Charter for Time Warner Cable and may now consider other possibilities for acquisitions in
In a statement to HuffPost, Comcast said it's "working hard and making significant investments to improve our customers' experience
He added that the report's state chapters do drill down to control for some distinguishing factors, such as urban or suburban
Last month, audiovisual content rights holders announced the new Copyright Alert System, a.k.a. "Six Strikes" that they and ISPs have put in place to discourage peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted files. Good luck!
The Olympics are unique among athletic events, partly because of their ancient and hallowed history, but above all because they are identified with the highest ideals.
Muslims were specifically admonished to respect and honor Egyptian Christians. Quite obviously, Egyptian Coptic Christian persecution stands in stark contrast to Prophet Muhammad's guidance.
First came etiquette, then netiquette (e-mail etiquette), and now jetiquette, or private jet etiquette. For optimum airborne pleasure, here are some suggestions for flying in a private plane.