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The extremist Republican mocked Pete Buttigieg for taking paternity leave but now says the role of the father is "fundamental to the family."
Jesse Moss' new film takes an intimate look at the current transportation secretary's 2020 presidential bid and marriage to husband Chasten.
While Tucker Carlson was making homophobic jokes about Buttigieg's parental leave on national TV, the family was dealing with a health crisis.
The transportation secretary and former presidential candidate said he was "delighted" to become a father.
Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, told Ronna McDaniel to “re-visit your party’s platform before you open your mouth about Pride.”
Speaking to Seth Meyers, the transportation secretary reminded viewers that, yes, air transit can be romantic -- and an apt metaphor for marriage itself.
"You have to realize LGBTQ Americans have to come out every single day," the Indiana teacher told ABC News Live in a new interview.
In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, the presidential hopeful revealed a less-than-ideal skin care routine. His husband, Chasten, was having none of it.
At a Human Rights Campaign event in Texas, Pete Buttigieg's husband joked about what his role might look like if his spouse wins in 2020.