chat roulette

A online psychology researcher is reading minds online and we're not LION. Nick Kolenda, has taken his skills to the online
Ultimately, Kourtney decided that this was too much as well, and gave both Scott and Kim a hard time about it, before finally
First it was Chat Roulette, a zany Internet phenomenon that paired random strangers for video chatting. Now, there's a twist
But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg better start focusing on national security because other forces are preparing to attack
Girls are hardly passive users. Many say that using Chatroulette in groups often results in girls daring each other to flash
Because some Chatroulette users mask their IP addresses, thus concealing their exact locations, it's possible that some of
An online service called Chatroulette has caught the attention of Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who took a spin on the site
Casey Neistat, the man who explained to all New Yorkers when it is and when it is not appropriate to pull the emergency brake
if you've ever gotten drunk and tried out chat roulette (you don't have to be drunk but it definitely helps) then you may