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At the recent VentureBeat MobileBeat conference on July 13, a panel of executives assembled to discuss the impact of emerging technologies on the future of commerce.
Customer service online has not always been so successful for businesses. Finding a way to properly address concerns without interacting back and forth could take some time, hence why internet customer service used to mean taking emails about problems, and sending an email back asking them to call your phone line.
Maybe it's an extreme version of our ego, but by creating intelligent beings perhaps we're not only questioning what it means to be human, but also showing how powerful and godlike we are.
With all of these insights, the advertising industry is rethinking the “one-size-fits-all” marketing mentality, and shedding
When you meet someone for the first time, chances are you don't start talking about the fourth dimension, reincarnation or
June 8th, 2014 is a day that shall live in A.I.nfamy. For on that day, Reading University visiting cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick announced that a "supercomputer" masquerading as a Ukrainian teenager had successfully convinced ten out of thirty judges that it was, in fact, a human being.
Alan Turing would have been proud. Or would he have been terrified?
For the first time ever, a computer has successfully convinced people into thinking it’s an actual human in the iconic “Turing Test.”
In any case, competition organizer Dr. Kevin Warwick, a professor at the University of Reading in the U.K., said that the
For years, @Horse_ebook’s over 200,000 avid followers had been convinced its sometimes poetic, often nonsensical, frequently
With natural language processing and memory of past conversations, Negobot uses slang, misspellings, and pop-culture knowledge to sound like a stereotypical teenage girl.
Do you think you would be fooled? You can try Eugene out yourself here. "Thirteen years old is not too old to know everything