They said Bernie Sanders has failed to stand with the Latino community.
"They would prefer the CFPB ignore this particular injustice."
The president and his staff showed that he holds politics above the latino and immigrant communities, and continues to move forward with his efforts to lower the expectation for what is possible for him to do.
As Republicans blame President Barack Obama's executive actions for the crisis along the border, the president assured members of his own party Wednesday that he won't back down from his plans to ease deportations.
Lawmakers expressed to Obama their opposition to changing a 2008 law meant to protect unaccompanied minors from countries
President Obama announced he will lay out some of his plans for immigration reform on Tuesday in Las Vegas.
Members of the caucus who were present at the meeting said Obama assured them that he shares the group's basic beliefs about
The meeting, one of many between President Barack Obama's administration and Hispanic members of Congress, adds steam to
At least it seems that way. Whoever they've got running the media show at the DNC deserves a raise. But not a promotion. We