By: Matt Meltzer fastjet Based in: Tanzania/United Kingdom Where it flies: Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
Airports are getting more and more savvy about sustainability practices. From planting herb gardens and harvesting rainwater, to using mostly recycled materials when constructing additions and renovating existing buildings, being eco-conscious is top of mind for an array of airports.
In this conversation, we discuss everything from how he, as a young man, started his business to what challenges he faced along the way as an entrepreneur.
What to do instead: Get travel insurance! DON'T skip the travel insurance It may seem like a ridiculous added expense, but
Airlines have an overabundance of seat choices these days and reservation systems can't handle all of them. Be sure you know what a category means before you click to buy.
Think it's not possible to afford a weekend (or even a whole week) away during the holidays? Think again. There are numerous hidden costs to the holidays, from obvious expenses like gifts and food, to little essentials like gift wrap and cards, which can really add up.
Tis the season for crowded airports and full airplanes. It's all too easy to let the stress of flying during this hectic time take the joy out of the holidays, but not if we all work together to make the collective journey as smooth as possible.