"Yes, there was something sexy and enticing about all this, but there was also something demeaning about it," Simpson said. "I felt like a call girl.”
The YouTube comedy troupe said Fulmer, who admitted cheating on his wife with a colleague, will be cut out of future releases.
People Are Discussing The 'First Signs' Your Partner Is Cheating In A Relationship
"I didn’t confront my husband. Instead, I became my own private investigator and went on a quiet rampage."
Thompson admitted in January that he had fathered a child with another woman while he was still in a relationship with Kardashian.
The NBA star has been locked in a legal battle with a woman who said she welcomed his son last month.
"This man, Pat Collins, is clearly a national treasure," tweeted MSNBC's Joy Reid.
Nina Thomas was arrested after finding her husband naked in bed with another woman, a police report says.
Even LeBron James is urging baseball to "fix this for the sake of Sports."