cheating scandals

Unfortunately, it might not take too much imagination for most students to envision such a world. To a large extent, for them, it's already here.
Let go of the "Ggrrr!" (aka guilt, guilt, regret, regret regret). Don't get caught in the mental loop of "why me?" It won't serve you here.
Divorce is such an emotionally devastating, financially ruinous event that it might be wise to take a close look at its root cause -- marriage. Is it possible that monogamy is abnormal?
Overvaluing where kids go to college encourages them to ditch their values to get in. We are teaching students that success is determined by where you go college, not how you live your life.
It was a classic 2012 Tinseltown romance. Then, hours later, "Rita Whora" began trending, seemingly referring to Ora, E! News
The national survey of 23,000 high school students represents the largest of its kind and sheds some light on the ethical
I wrote papers for students for ten years. I helped them cheat and I made a living doing it. Not a great living, but a living nonetheless. Now, I'm retired from paper-writing and telling you about my sordid past.
It is not overstatement to say that Lance Armstrong's careening fall from grace has no rival in recent American history. Perhaps only Richard Nixon earns equal status of disgrace.
The "cheating epidemic" is upon us. And it is everywhere. From our high schools, to our most hallowed institutions, to our venerable newspapers, to our best-selling authors. Cheaters are omnipresent. Quick -- cover your answers!
The incidence of cheating is lowest when students or citizens perceive that they are members of an interdependent community, but that's not, sadly, today's America.
The 12 students deemed most liable in the cheating ring began serving their suspensions Monday for up to 10 days, with the
According to a survey of 24,000 high school students in grades 9-12, 95% of students said they cheated during the course of their education, ranging from letting somebody copy their homework to cheating on tests.
New Jersey isn’t the only state confronting security breaches surrounding administration of its standardized tests. In June
“I think the balancing act is taking a look at the cost factor involved in that as well, but we’re always looking to improve
Working in the public trust must remain profound work. It has to mean an understanding that your work matters more than making widgets, and that the seriousness of purpose with which you undertake your work must matter.
But, as USA Today notes, the report, the product of a 17-month investigation, only actually focused on one school -- Noyes
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According to the Daily News, the chancellor emphasized that cheating is a major reason why cell phones are prohibited in